Black Mesh - Procedural Modeling Tool

make Your input mesh more smooth. It only looks smooth thanks to shading.
Kinda Garbage in, garbage out.

Export more dense mesh from CAD to more accurate describe surface, or eventually try to smooth it in blender manualy if its only in few places.

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It’s nice to see that the tool is useful.

Yes, as @gorion103 mentioned you need more highpoly objects. Or retopologise them for subDs. Then you can boolean and filter them.

@gorion103 @mifth thanks for the quick reply. As I am only a beginner in Blender I was hoping for some quick solution to this, and for Blackmesh to be the solution. For now it seems there isn’t a automated solution that can convert my Solidworks cad data into a quad mesh.

What I tried (and it worked halfway) was to remove the inner wall and make it a “solid” mesh. Then I used the dilate & erode filter settings. This worked sort of, but I found it hard to keep the sharp edges of some details I wanted to preserve. Is there a way with Blackmesh to use marked edges as a sharp in some way? Or to only smoothen the ‘large voxels’ but not the detailed ones?
From the Cad data I already have the sharp edges marked.

@gorion103 I imported the mesh to a denser mesh, and for now this seems to -look- okay, although my face count is going crazy right now. 5000K :frowning: With the decimate modifier I then get a mesh thats quite okay and has ‘only’ 15k faces. I can use this mesh now to sculpt in the weld lines.

When I have problems like this, I just autoremesh object, and subdivide. It’s not always as simple as here, but it’s quite fast. I use quad remesher, but it can be something free too.

And as for my progress:

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Awesome art!

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