Black Ops

hey all,

started working on a new project after learning all the new 2.49 stuff, its based on the game “Splinter Cell”. the object of the game will be to sneak to the end of each level, but you will be supplied with a Glock pistol and a knife in case you are seen.

i’v modeled, textured and programmed the main character, along with a states-driven stand-crouch system, but I could use some help with a darkness system like in splinter cell…

crit’s welcome…

------evolved yet again look for new thread.---------


The model its just just I don’t know how to explain it! It’s texture is just off… Like “painted” on there if you get what i mean…

yes, my texturing is horrible. this is one of the best ones if ever done. but it is going to be cartoonish.

Kinda looks like he is wearing slushy clothes. I just wouldn’t normal map the face with the “slushiness”. In the last pic, the city is a picture and not a model right?

Anyways cool idea, I was a fan of the stealthy splinter cell games.

i recognize that picture. i have it in fact. i forget where it’s from but its not a model.
anyway, the basic model of the character looks kinda cool, but the texture is off, i agree. just maybe make the gun a little smaller. and maybe change the texture of it too. try and get a pic of a real gun and texture that on.

yes the texture is most defenetly off

the gun is based on a GLOCK 20, so it is suppose to be a large gun, but I will scale it a little it you think so. any some detealed ways I could make the texture better? im not going for sp;inter cells style, but I do think my texture needs changing, and I ask this again: any ideas on a darkness system? the onle thing I could think of is a set of invisible planes to mimic darkness detection.

you mean like black mist

no, more like when i’m it the shadows, the enemy’s can’t see me. for the actual light, i’ll just use spotlights.

he looks like an action figure, but i guess its ok if its supposed to cartoony, but you should lower the specularity on the materials.

nice work.

I didn’t want it cartoony, but that’s about the only style I can do :(. I agree on the specularity…

Ermm… For the dark system I’m sure it’s possible with python. If not, I guess you could just go with black plains like they do in gta: San andreas