Black Reflection in Render

When rendering, the reflective part on the armor and belt appears black in the first frame when the camera is directly facing the character, then it corrects itself in the second frame. How can I fix this?

First Frame
Second Frame

Outch ! I’d say it smells like a bug !

Is the camera animated ? or the character moving ?

You might want to try a recent blender version to see if that is fixed, other than that, you’re good for a bug hunting.

Try to remove as much stuff as possible but keep the problem here.
Try remove textures , objects …

Then the actual cause might be more obvious, then maybe fill a bug report.

One day when I placed a plane completely paralel to the camera right at the center of the screen that made blender crashes , hopefully it was fixed like 1 day after I submitted it …

Good luck !


I’m having a problem with my turntable animation. When I rotate my character on the z-axis, there’s an issue with the reflective surfaces on their armor. But when I rotate the camera instead, the problem goes away. Do you know why this might be happening?

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unfortunately I don’t see why it’s doing that.

As said, I’d first try to test that in a recent build just in case :

Then start to strip down the file, remove as much things as you can, so you still have the problem but with the minimal amount of parameters ; camera , turntable setup, no textures…

If that doesn’t lead to you finding the problem, then post that file here and we’ll give it a closer look !

Double check your material and World-Properties Ray Visibility (Cycles only) for accidental keyframes.

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