Black render view and material view after moving file

  • I moved a file that had just a small issue.
  • I use the built-in world exr for environment and I’ve re-linked that one just in case.
  • I use a lot of emissive materials, and I’ve even tried to boost the sun to 1000 but it made no difference.

The material and render view mode settings are suddenly all black (regardless of cameras too).

If I render an image, it comes out as all magenta.

What is going on? Is Blender 2.82.7 unstable?


I just deleted the fog material box that covered the entire scene, and now I get this in material preview:


There is no other volume material in the scene! Why is the scene still covered in an extremely low resolution volume?

Ok, so after a couple of restarts and a graphics driver upgrade that did nothing, I did the following:

  • Imported all collections into a new file (black).
  • Imported object per object until I got black (volume was seemingly the culprit).
  • Imported only the volume shader into a new file (looked fine).
  • Opened the original file again (everything looked fine).

Is it because my scene is so large that the shader compiler just craps out? I noticed that Blender is several orders of magnitude faster than Unreal to compile those…

Confirmed bug, apparently: