Black Sea Mermaid

When it’s MerMay, but some crazy russian invades your neighbours…

In the background you can see the bow of the mighty cruiser Mosvka, conducting a special submarine operation.

The mermaid’s pose is base on this meme.


I love this :smiley: It’s a technically excellent piece, it’s great artistically, I love the texture of her hair and the scales on her tail, and I love the pose and the implied sass/defiance. Glory to Ukraine :ukraine:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Hey man, thanks a lot for bumping this 9-day-old thread so that more people will see it :+1:


Hehe that’s a great take on it :slight_smile: I removed the comment though as this kind of language is not okay.

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Looks good, lotta work going on there!

Nearly caught out by the double entente :sunglasses:

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Awesome work!!! You made my day) Glory to Ukraine :ukraine:

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