black spot on makehuman man

hi, i make a human with makehuman and import it to blender, and if i render the filk its look fine most of the time, but when link the human from blende file to another and render it i get this black, i think it becuse the alpha texture but why its happen and how to fix it? also the eye is all black insted of white

i now see that the black spot its not an alph problem, its just a hole in the mesh:(
its hapeend after i resize the man from the rig object to a small size, if i try t apply the scale its give me an error: “Cannot apply to a multi user: Object “Group.001_proxy”, Armature “mh_bones”, aborting”
if i resize it backt to normal size its fix the hole, but its not fit in my seens, how can i fix that???

i have a new update:
its have nothing with the size, its happen if the man is not on the center of the world, the far i move him from the center of the world, the big is the black hole.
somebody know why this happns and how to solve this problem?

how far from origin? blender has precision issues. so simply put, keep things to-scale and centered.