Black spots in render?


So i am following a tutorial and mine has one slight problem: the top part of the head right above the eye is completely black. when i move the color texture below the AO in the materials tab the black spot goes away but the color is darker. How can this be fixed without changing the AO/Color order?


Marty_the_Dragon_comp.blend (975 KB)

it sounds like you have doubles ( redundant vertices sharing the same space ). go into edit mode, select all, and click ‘remove doubles’ on the tool shelf. btw, this is a post for the modelling sub-forum. the works in progress sub-forum isn’t so much a help sub-forum , more for general critique.

I’m afraid that didn’t work. And i’m sorry I’m not sure where to post for help… :confused:

it could also be a normals issue. ( ctrl-N on with all verts selected, in edit mode ) Below the artwork sub-forums ( finished products and works in progress ) are the support sub-forums ( modelling, materials and textures, lighting and composition, etc ). you want the modelling sub-forum.

i’m afraid that didn’t work either. Would creating new edge seams around the… infected… area help? and thanks for telling me where i should post.

You didnt include the texture maps in your file but it really sounds like its a problem with the way the ao map was baked.

how could i do that? just pack them into a blend file?

yep, just pack it up, and you can check the file size to make sure it packed.

it wont upload the packed file… so maybe this rendered picture can help?


the picture is too dark to see the problem. put another lamp on it, or turn on AO so we can see it better.

the ao should be on. thats when the problem started


Sorry, the only black spots I see are the black materials at your eyes( and those are definitely valid materials) :smiley: Can you render a closeup?

well see that’s the problem… i have one materiel and that’s the green. The AO map shows black areas where the eyes are supposed to be. I’ll post more pics


do you have a transparrent object in the scene that casts shadows? (actually, that wouldn’t make sense because your spec suggests the black is just another normal material.
Too bad you can’t upload your file though… Did you make sure you’re using only one uvset and one material? I can’t say anything unless you let us access the blendfile, sorry.

i can give the blend file but when i pack in the textures this site wont upload it. i’ll try it again though…

let’s see if this works…

nope it won’t accept the packed file… even after compression

well it seems i’ve figured it out. The eyes themselves were causing it to render black. after i moved them to a different layer everything worked out great! Thank you all for the help!!

that’s weird. if you find out why exactly the eyes causing the material diffuse color to become black, then please let us know. I’ve never had that problem before but it might be some kind of bug.

according to one web site if an object (eyes) are near or come in contact with what you are baking (body) then you can sometimes get this problem… i guess it was just a bug

yeah that can happen but in those cases you’d have a faceted render not one this smooth. And that’s not a real bug, it’s because you use tangent space and technically it totally makes sense :smiley: