black stripe on my shampoo bottle

I already try two different computers, those black stripe still appear after the rendering.
Is any problem of my file ? or problem of hardware…??

Many thx!

shampoo_show.blend (496 KB)

Hey Aikenau… your problem is you do not have a clean mesh. Try this to see what I’m talking about… go into edit mode, select all vertices and then click on remove doubles. You will see where your mesh is actually “broken” or not attached in a couple of places. Clean up your mesh, then select all faces again and click on recalculate normals and then render again and see what you get.

Another way to see where your problems are is to press the “set smooth” button and increase the sub surf levels in your view port. You will quickly see where your mesh has problems.


Thx Anim, I got this! Thank you very much :wink: