Blackboard interior scene

Ok here’s my next scene which I’m not feeling the love.

I dunno if it’s the textures or lighting but I think I need someone else to look at it. In the end the blackboard will have something on it (not the word “test”) also how do you get reflections on the vases not to reflect colours (ie I’m after just a white reflection) and the missing texture will be a flame for the tea light candle (or does someone know a tutorial for a candle flame?). Also Im trying to find a tutorial i saw once on damaging a block, cause I’d like to have a few chips in the candle block, anyone remember that tutorial?

Here’s the reference photo I’m going off…

Oil lamp flame lost its link to texture. I would bevel the edges on the lamp to soften them. Lettering on chalkboard should be a chalk font, and maybe scratch it up so it’s not so opaque. The wood texture on the frame is off as well. Looking really good so far, just minor tweaks to get the realism to match the awesome vases and twigs.

Thanks jblender will definitely fix those items, it needs a bit of work :slight_smile:

Some fancy chalkboard lettering would make this project shine. For inspiration google Dana Tanamachi.