Blackburn Blackburd (Finished!)

Hi all!

So, I decided to model another plane before finishing my Dragon Rapide. This is mainly intended as texturing exercise, because painting textures isn’t one of my favourite part of creating nice looking models.

But beware, this one is one is extremely ugly. Easy to model, but hard on eyes. Here are wires of what I made today, the work went pretty quickly…


Very ugly indeed:D But also very interesting subject and good modelling work. Wait for more.

Thanks, Marek.

I’m finished with the model, now to UV map it and make textures. Here are some really quick yafaray renders.


A small update:


A little too dark. See not much…

Texturing in progress, here you can see the bumpmapping. It’s not very much of it, but at least something. I’ll change the lightning, this is only temporal.


I think this flying ugliness is finished. Check out the final pictures.