Blackmagic Fusion Theme for Blender

Hi there,

I created this theme for personal use, and it’s still a work in progress.
Nonetheless, I thought to share it here in case someone wants to try it out.

This is based on Blackmagic Fusion Studio 17 (the default theme, not the gray one).

At first, it looked quite dark but after having used it for a while I now find it quite pleasant. Of course, themes are subjective to personal taste, so your conclusion might be different :slight_smile: (5.9 KB)


Minor update (new zip in the post above). The vertex and edge colors were hard to read.

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New update: 3D Viewport, Graph, and Dope sheet colors tweaked.

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I really like this theme :slight_smile: Good work! It’s perfect for working at night, and unlike most dark themes, it uses colors other than gray and orange. My one bone to pick- and it’s a very small one- is that the vertices are really small. To be fair, most themes have the problem, it would just be nice to have a theme where the vertex size is 5px or higher right out of the box.

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Hmm… not sure about the vertex size. I changed the size, and this is how it’s looking for me:

I guess that option doesn’t get stored with the theme then.
But I agree, I’m not a big fan of the default vertex size either.

Ah yeah that makes sense that it’s not stored in the theme. Forget I said anything then :laughing: great theme, that’s the important part

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Here’s an update on my Fusion theme.
Even though is far from being complete, I’ve tweaked many parts.

phoenixart_fusion.xml (45.7 KB)