Blades of Ketuwa

…will never let you down, even if you bring them to a gunfight. :wink: :laughing:

"They were similar–but different; that was the thing. The very existence of someone like that is a challenge: it implies that your way is not the only way for you and yours; that there is, in fact, an alternative. Where does that leave the wannabe Founding Fathers, the ‘unifiers,’ the ‘bringers of order?’
“Therefore, after the initial settlement, those claiming descendancy from the Iroquois Six Nations hadn’t been satisfied by forcing the tribe that regarded the Cherokee as their ancestors to hastily terraform Ketuwa—a different moon of the huge HD 23079b gas giant—and leave Haudenosaunee: every time the moons came into a favourable alignment, the raiding parties would swoop down from the sky. And as soon as they set up their own shipyard, the Ketuwans made it clear: two can play this game.”

BladesOfKetuwa 2

Blades of Ketuwa animation

I noticed a peculiar thing while working on this project: the blades’ flat surfaces are generated by geo nodes and initially, so were the UVs that I used to position the engravings; however, in the process, I switched from Blender 3.6.1 to 3.6.5 and then all my positioning went down the drain: the new version calculated the UVs differently, forcing me to re-do the positioning work. I ended up applying the geo nodes and unwrapping everything manually. Should I mention this to Blender developers, I wonder?


If “your positioning went down the drain,” then I would definitely mention this to the developer team. Whether they would consider it “a bug” or “a necessity” might remain to be seen – such is the case whenever changes are happening underneath your feet. But it’s nonetheless very important to formally make a software development team aware of any “impacts” as they occur. "Put it on their radar."