Blake's 7 Liberator

For those of a certain age who watched on television the worlds best science fiction series, here is my version of the worlds best space ship, The Liberator.
This is my interpretation, given that numerous models were made for the BBC special effects team over the years, which if you see images of them, are full of inconsistencies.

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Love the series but dont like the ending of it that much
Now build Orac LOL

Real nice model, glad you finished it. Are you going to put it up on Blendswap?

Ah cool! Now I know what your avatar is :slight_smile: Loved the show too - nice work.

Hi do you still have this model if so can you give me some pointers of how to make it having trouble with the rear of ship

I was very impressed with your work. I hope that you don’t mind but I took a part of your photo to use as the logo for my channel until I can draw something myself. If you object I will delete it straight away. Please have a look at my YouTube channel ‘The Liberator Project’ All the best :slight_smile: