Blank image when I try to render

Hi everyone, new user here.

I try to render an image, but everytime it turns out blank. This does only happen with the project Im working on. If I start a new file there is no problem. I can’t figure out what Im doing wrong.

Can anyone help?


You’ve sent a scene with one ‘cube’ object with no actual mesh and one bezier curve with no actual mesh.

Hi :slight_smile:

That is weird. Just tried to save it again:

This usually happens due the lack of a render layer under compositing workspace. Check it out.

Everything is set to visible under “outliner”, if that is what you meant?

No. Check the Compositing work space (up above). It should have a node named Render Layer. If doesn’t, that’s probably the issue.

Under “Scene” there is “Render Layers”, containing every mesh, everything is set to visible? :slight_smile:


I was in local instead for global:

In the top left hand corner of the 3d viewport you can see if you are in Global or Local view. Use Numpad / key (or from the View menu) to toggle between them.