Blanka - Street Fighter 2

I’m almost ready to zbrush him. I’m not sure how to approach making the two eyelids look like seperate lids, especially in the corner of the eyelid. The yellow highlighted areas are the parts where I’m not sure how to do without adding a lot of geometry. How can I add polys without breaking the polyflow of the area?

The overall topology isn’t the greatest, but hopefully it will deform alright. I’d like to pose blanka in a crouched pose. Do the proportions feel like the games? I tried an 8 head approach in length, but than had to keep changing the size of limbs until I thought it feels rigiht. The longer his arm the more monkey like though. And I don’t think he should have a big head.

I’m also considering using 3dcoat for texturing. I’d like to have at least an epdermal, subdermal, specularity, reflection, normal and displacement maps. So this is probably going to take forever to texture. Although I don’t think the sculpting will be as bad. I attempted it once already. Wasn’t sastified with the overall results and form. This one has stronger opposing curves.

I wote for Cammy model :o

No! Chun-Li first ><’

Nice work on the Blanka model :yes:

I think you should add polys on the back (or I don’t see edges because of the object mode)

lol - perv!

I think the upper body looks great, but on the lower body I think the thighs look too inflated.

A) Chun-li dominates all

B) I think Blanka had weird proportions, longer arms than usual? When he does that move where he lifts his arms to strike they seem long. Mid-strength close range head-butt was unblockable, you should probably convey in your model that it struck both high and low :stuck_out_tongue: Bigger hair too, but respect if you are creating him in your own translation.

C) I played way too much Street Fighter 2

Some close up topology shots.

So blanka should have even longer arms and thinner legs?

After doing some research, I think his arms are a normal size, but he is always crouching so tightly they seem to spring from nowhere.
His head seems a tad small, but I really hate critiquing comic type characters in relation to an actual human.

How would I add geometry to the eye area, without breaking the edge flow to much? IF that’s possible. I like to have a more complex eye shape.

Figured it out. However now I have a nose issue. Basically having trouble making a distinct nasal labial fold and the termination of it at the wing of the nose. The cheek may need to be redone as well. But I will work on that more tomorrow. I’m open to any suggestion on how to tackle the blank areas.

I don’ t want to meet that guy in the dark…
Great work so far, i love his hair!

How about this, not perfect, but if you tweak around the area of the nostril where it joins the cheek(?) area im sure you could get it looking pretty nice.

Edit: it does have one triangle in it, you could either add another loop and make this into a quad, or just leave it there, i dont think it would cause any trouble.


Here are some updates. I did something similar Daniel. Thanks for that. That was a pain to fix too. I have all quads there but its not the greatest solution.

UVed and ready to go in Zbrush, unless there are any major proportional issues. I have a feeling getting his arms right is going to be a pain, since the arms normally shouldn’t be bigger than the thighs.


And here is the face solution I arirved at.


First pass with zbrush. Blocking in the main forms, using mainly the rake brush. I hope to make a really fine sanded texture for the final image. Rakes seem to work like sandpaper for polishing rock.


Hey I always wonder why when I sculpt blender doesn’t do as well as Z-brush?
So i guess how its plays ha ha good work by the way.

Here’s another update. I have blocked in more forms. The butt area will be covered with his shorts, so I probably won’t detail that area much. Doesn’t seem to have as much geomtery there too.

Thanks for stopping by Frank. I’m not sure what you mean by your post though.

I’m open for any critiques, especially concerning the side view.


Does blender have any tools like wings 3d tighten, or basically a relax tool? Zbrush is giving me nutty vertices around the eyes. I know the smooth tool from the w key averages points out, but its pretty slow. I need to make a huge change to a small area in averageing.

Here is my issue. Its in the modelling section support. I’m open to different ideas.

I tend to use the sculpt mode and smooth/draw/grab then. If smooth in edit mode is too slow.