Blast away, but I need help (newbe)

The only language I understand for Animation software would be through Animation Master. The points that make up the ends of a line, to me, are called Control Points (CP) and a combination of lines that make up a plane field or surface is called a patch. I believe a three sided patch is called a poly? My question is this. I have no clue how to make a line or a patch in Blender. I’ve right and left clicked, control, alt, shift clicked, and still I cannot figure out how to make even a simple line. I’ve searched this forum looking for “Making a line,” “Making a patch,” “How to start a model,” and various other searches to no avail. Hammer away at how foolish this seems to you but I would just like the question answered please.

a warning: I have never used animation master

that said, blender doesn’t do models in the same manner

what animation master uses I see called splines elsewhere

simply put, the closest thing to that in blender are NURBS which are not suitable for organic models

so, you will be working with meshes and subdivision surfaces

in edit mode you can add faces by:
subdividing (in the w key specials menu)
extruding (e key)
control+left clicking to add verts [generally not a good idea, extruding is better]
selecting 3 or 4 verts [2 would make an edge which usually will not render] and pressing the F key

well anyway, look at the tutorial threads in this forum and for more info


in blender you’ll most frequently use: meshes, and their most important control- or subobjects, the vertices. blender doesn’t use splines in the way A:M does. organic models are made out of poly’s with catmull-clark subdivision.

you can use splines as paths (animation) or for 2D forms.

anyway check out the documentation, lot’s of things (espacially basic stuff you need to understand at the beginning) are explained.


Thank you for the pointers. I still have a lot to leard about animation and modeling, but I have used Animation Master for some time. Yet I feel Blender has more to offer than AM, so that’s why I’m giving Blender a real go ahead try. Thanks for the link, I’ll see what I can get started with.

One other thing; is an organic model like a plant or person?

for example. “organic models” refer mostly to natural, living forms that have a “natural”, curved shape.

Is there a way to download the entire tutorial Doc?

OH I see it. Sorry bout that.