Blastoise vs Squirlte Showdown

(this has been cropped to fit this site better)
The video is the main focus on this project, but since it is much easier to render images than animation I usually keep track of my process through images.

This is my latest test render to get a feel for how it is now, but I feel like some parts feel weird when I render in cycles.

squirtle vs blastoise test animation 3.mkv (2.7 MB)

This is my latest animation, but it is not as far along as the render above, so it misses some things that I have added.
And yes, as some of you may recognize, this is a late contribution of the youtuber Pwnishers boss fight community challange


Sorry, you uploaded the video as an .mkv, Iā€™m unable to view it.

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thank you, I thought it would load, but now I realized I rendered it as MKV, will fix tomorrow

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