Bleeding Wall project , Team formation thread

Hi …
it’s been a long time since the ex-project Zodiac Spear
has started , i was working only with phoenix a 2D artist who made
Zodiac spear logo , small size image
high quality large image
here :smiley:

at that time , you might have noticed that there was a one single completed character …
now we will use him for sure in this horror-survival 3rd person game …
the head tex is me :o …
after the creation of this guy , LION ,
just have created a soon while back Monica as well
from the point of the ex-project “zs” till know , i might judge that i became a bit better , i’m happy with this edgeloop
allright , phoenix just contributed his portrait as a present and he has his own projects as well …

so here , i will be directing the project [Bleeding Wall] , and also be the storyline writer and 2D/3D artist as well as an environment and level designer …

making a 3D interactive game is a big story , …
i like to mention those major steps

use a 3D design package and a 3D engine , forming a good team , since the game is an horror-survival game , it should be unique with it’s storyline [Cinamatics] and characters places and concept , also the control-system , puzzle system , theme , and another major step is making good Music , also making sketches for the characters and all art …

most of the above steps wont be too hard , we can be cunning , how ? ? , here goes

use a 3D design package and a 3D engine

Blender + [Gimp / Photoshop]

forming a good team

we have till this moment a well-known member called blendenzowho is interested in joining the team as a scriptor

About Bleeding Wall - I can certainly help you with save/load and with HUD. Let me know when.

since the game is an horror-survival game , it should be unique with it’s storyline [Cinamatics]

good , those cinamatics will not be AVIs , they will be slides with subtitles , this mode is chosen by a lot of games companies !!
an example is maxpayne game , the game uses the painted slides by hands method instead of fully animated FMV sequence or AVIs or whatever , this would save a lot of work time
an example from the net of the image sequence method

also , but here our slides would be 3D rendered images with photoshop filters to give them the taste of painted images , … and a very good advantage is that the player would use his imagination instead of plain fixed story !!! , also the rendered images would have no limitations of quality as we want not like the realtime …

also the control-system , puzzle system

that would be the scriptors job

another major step is making good Music contains almost everything , i have DLDed 5 gegas from it and most of them are cool … , and for the sound effects , also there are librarys on the net , and i can be LION’s voice

also making sketches for the characters and all art …

my point of view about the sketches specific point , i think that not everything should be sketched , in my humbe opinion , it will raise the quality from 92 % to 95 % , and it will consume a lot of time , the places and levels might be sketched from far view , not section by section and room by room … , we will not concentrate on it now , or even here , it’s a point of view that can be accurate or not :slight_smile: .

also , for the story , it is written on a note book and i’m re-cleaning it on my laptop
i will post it individually on an external page soon

i think the team formation level has just started
the game needs

  • rigging the characters and making simple in game animations such as
    walking , running , climbing , crouch , shooting , etc …
  • scripting load/save system
    *scripting the hud

and lotza of other things comming

more details ?
[LEFT]Game theme and scheme, Bleeding Wall is an horror-survival 3rd person game, where Monica the psychologist meets Lion, their scientific journey to Japan were interrupted by gangs and monsters leaded by One-wing, the headmaster of monsters.
The game concept will be based on click and move , each room/area will have its point of view in certain specific areas , there will be puzzles of all types for them to be solved , we will try to make them extreme and yet hard , … and mostly logical .
The game will depend on both the keyboard and mouse, clicking on an item drops out a menu, [open, close, take, etc ….]
The controllable characters will be mainly Monica, and in some places, Lion will be Controllable as well, [/LEFT]
post here or PM me if you are interested …
god bless .

Those are called graphic novels, Guru. :slight_smile:
It’s nice to see that you’re still working on ‘Zodiac Spear’ which has been renamed to Bleeding Wall. Why actually?

i’m busy with studying now , the uni takes a lot of time … :frowning: , god damn it

i don’t know if i would leave yet or not … :frowning: