.blend and .blend1

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Ok, this is more of a curiosity question than a necessity, but why do my blender files have a .blend, and a .blend1

I.E.=Diningroom.blend(with yellow box next to it)


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my best guess is it’s a backup version of your original .blend file.

if you save, blender first moves the original .blend file to .blend1 and then overwrites .blend

(RipSting) #3

The .blend1 file is a backup. So if you make a mistake or your blend file gets deleted, you can point Blender to the .blend1 file and open it! You can set the number of backups (0-32) by pulling down the information window (Click and drag the horizonal bar down that’s right below the menus at the top). This is controlled by the “Versions” value.

This is kind of Blender’s way of backups.

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did you also know blender saves loads of temp files??
i found them one time trying to clean my hard drive and found loads of stuff i forgot i ever did!
the nostalga{spell??} of my first trys at blender :smiley:

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And I think if you edit a file a lot (or maybe if it contains a lot of scenes or data), blender will make other backups (I have some files that are blend1, blend2, blend3, blend4 - most of which have different file sizes).

(IMProvisar) #7

Yes, when you save over a file, (either with F2 or CTRL+‘w’) it will ask if you want to save over it, and if you say yes, it creates a backup as well (*.blend1, *.blend2, etc)

Personally, I don’t like this, I prefer them all to be ‘.blend’. What I like is to save with version numbers (often, very often) like project001.blend, project002.blend.

A very easy way to do this is (once you’ve saved it as blahxxx.blend) just press F2, then ‘+’, then Enter. F2 opens the save menu, the file you’re working on is currently selected, ‘+’ increments the filename (if you were on project007.blend, it would save as project008.blend), then Enter to confirm the save. ‘-’ decrements, by the way, and I just found out that Shift+’+’ and Shift+’-’ increment/decrement by 10, and Ctrl+’+’ and Ctrl+’-’ increment/decrement by 100. Also, Both pairs of +/- keys work the same.

Hope this helps,

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Was that in the manuals!? I need to buy more blender books.

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Hehe… I have no manuals… it was either in a tutorial or in the blenderbase. Not sure where I learned that trick.