.blend file no longer recognized by blender?

iv been working on a project for a long time, and yesterday, i saved my file, and then tried to render. for some reason my computer froze and i had to force shut it down. being very happy i had just saved, i re booted and tried to open my file again and it gave me an error reading “file format is not supported in file: C:\Users\Username\Desktop\Portal Pan.blend”. is there any way i can get this to work? iv also tried restoring last session but it just opens the default screen. Can get i get it back or even get it back to a previous save?

Are you sure you saved before? The fact you shut it down in mid-render may have corrupted the file. Which version do you use? If you use 2.49 i would recommend getting 2.5 and try uploading it in there. other than that, I don’t really know what could be wrong

first thing i would try is backing up your work and reinstall blender. sounds like either the file or the program is corrupt

yes i for sure saved it right before my render. im using version 2.57. i cant re install blender right now but ill try that when i get home. ill be very angry if i have to start over! but that might just be what i get for using the free program.

Is the project a high detailed one? If that’s the case then it would take a long time to render (even on fast computers) and could cause older, slower computers to freeze up. While some fault may lie with the program, it is probably due to lack of sufficient hardware.

i wount say way “high detail” but fairly. although my comp is a Asus g73jh so its a fairly high end computer. i have no problem with others, this just seemed to be a freak thing. i even have a rendered test video of the file, but for some reason when i did it this time it locked my comp for like 20 mins before i just shut it down. then when i came on again its telling me its not a blend file. even though on my desktop it shows it, and in the proporties it tells me the file type is blender… =(

Did you try opening it through the .blend file, or through blender itself? I’m not sure what the problem is, freak accidents happen. You might just have to start over, sorry…

Ya I tried both of thoes. We also tried to move to a different computer. I’m feeling that I might have to start over to. But o well I guess its just one of thoes things

if needs be you can always upload it , im sure someone on here will see if they can open it okay for you :slight_smile:

Hasn’t happened to me but here’s another tip I’ve seen suggested here in the past. Try creating a new file and append the scene(s) into it from the corrupt one.

Dang i thought the append thing would work but when i tried to click the file, it simply would not open it to see the scenes, animations, and what not. good idea though lol. also im going to upload, who knows maybe theres still a chance =)

and dream shattered =( it wont even let me upload lol. dang it guys

why wont it let you upload it? can you not upload it to a file sharing site temporarily?

I tried but it just tells me that it failed to upload

did it give you a reason as to why? normally it lets you know if there is a problem with the file size etc.

If it is a 2.57 file it will have saved two revisions by default, surely one of those is still usable. There should be two files named filename.blend1 and filename.blend2 in the same directory as the original when you last saved.

I am currently having the exact same issue. I was working on my file and saved it incrementally. it will load 1.0 but not 1.2-- the only difference between 1.0 and 1.2 is that 1.0 is just a basic single model of a person and the start of a rig but no colors, textures, etc and since then, i had scrapped that one rig, split my mesh up into a few different parts, and started another rig. I guess i also added some basic texture colors to the parts too. thats about it. kinda boggled as to what could cause it.

Also tried linking and appending it but it just doesnt do anything.

I have uploaded that file if anyone wants to give it a shot. Its my first attempt at a person soo yeah :slight_smile:

EDIT: I was able to load the blend1 file however so thats good. What are the differences between the .blend, .blend1 and .blend2? Didn’t even realize it made those files. I know blender 2.57 is beta so i am guessing the bad .blend file is a bug. I know i saved it and exited like i always do so its not because of a crash or anything.

One thing i did just notice is that my Rigify add-on got disabled so it seems that something weird did happen but not sure what. Were you also using that add-on perchance?


Madaera1.2.blend (742 KB)

When you first save the file it saves as file.blend, when you save again, file.blend becomes file1.blend and the most recent save is now file.blend. Each time you save, the current version becomes file.blend and the older revisions all move down a step. You can set how many revisions to save in User Preferences. Two is default, but you can have more.