Blend file size 325mb +

I have a relatively simple scene. A fairly low poly landscape with baked normal map, an armature with a walk cycle and a low poly humanoid mesh also with a normal and displace map. For some reason during the course of fine tuning everything the file size jumped from around 15mb to over 325mb. The only major change was I added sound, an mp3 about 9mb. I wonder if it is caching the animation within the blend file? Does blender store a new sequence every time an action gets edited? I’m confused.
Any ideas anyone, is it normal?


Are your normal and displacement maps packed into your blend file?
Do you have compress selected when you save your blend ?

I compressed the blend file on saving and it reduced the size to a little over 100mb which still seems too big to me. I can’t figure out what I did to increase the file size so much.

Thanks for the tip about compressing.

You don’t have any physics simulations do you? They take up massive space…