Blend file to CNC? Is it possible?

Hi I am doing a model to cnc in rhino…It is getting there, but its terribly exhausting to calculate all the surfaces and their coninuation methods to avoid broken reflections. I am thinking if its possible to cnc a polygon mesh? I am seriously considering to jump to Blender and model it in polygons. I need to be 100% sure that I can CNC a polygon mesh and which extension should I export it ?

Thank you so much

This is the reason I came and stayed with blender: BlenderCam.

He, Veilemduha, has kept this app alive since 2.79.
Have a look at it. As well, there are some videos on that link, too, to help you get up to speed.
What program does the program interfacing with your cnc use? Mine, from planet-cnc, uses the TAP format.

Thank you for your fast reply. I am not in charge of the CNC phase, I will need to ask.
But then it is possible.


The CAM software used by most CNC equipment to cut steel will not accept meshes.
If you are cutting another material, like wood or foam, you might be able to use a mesh. However, it is best to contact the machining service to get a definitive answer.

I am definitively doing that. I am cutting wood by the way.

Sort of. You will need to save the file out as an OBJ or STL file. Whoever runs the CNC machine will have to load that file into whatever Software they are using to generate the G Code to drive the CNC machine. Since it’s coming from blender it will be a Mesh File. So you will need to freeze any subdivisions before exporting or you may end up with faceted faces etc. Also keep in mind you can’t have any overhangs in the model unless it’s a 6 axis CNC machine which are rather expensive. Most CNC are just a straight 2 axis machine. Meaning the tool head just moves up and down and the table moves side to side.

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Thank you so much for the insights :slight_smile: I am contemplating those aspects you mention I was just not sure if its possible to cnc from a mesh file. I will call them and if they say yes good bye rhino model…

Modeled this in blender and used BlanderCam 3 years , i haven’t touch it since, not because it wasnt cool. I brought it into Linux with probotix linux software.
Probotix Linux software LOUD

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