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(Orinoco) #1

This is odd. I saved a blend on my memory stick, unmounted it, and moved the stick from my laptop to my desktop. Now the file shows up as boatswains [email protected] I’ve never seen anything like this before. It loaded into blender, but after saving, I now have a file called boatswains [email protected]

Has anyone seen anything like this before? Anybody know what the @ signifies?


(Inmare) #2

Never seen before. What OS and filesystem are you using?


(Orinoco) #3

Laptop, which saved the file, is Sabayon linux (gentoo variation) with an ext3 filesystem, the Desktop, which read the file, is Windows XP with, well, with I think FAT32, but I can’t find where windows keeps that information. I don’t know what the memory stick was formatted as, probably FAT 32.


(scabootssca) #4

I’ve had those before, I don’t know why. I had those but my os was windows XP


(patricia3d) #5

This @ sign I have seen I think in 2.40 ( I am not exactly rememebring the version)
The situation was this:-.

  1. I am working on file abcd.blend
  2. I appended one object from efgh.blend
  3. When I try to save the file abcd.blend, It saves as [email protected]
    To resolve what I did
    Rename [email protected] as abcd1.blend
    rename abcd.blend1 as abcd.blend
    and the problem was solved. In the new version this problem didn’t occur.

(Alltaken) #6

Its not a problem. Blender renames things temporarily by putting an @ in it, it can then do all its shuffling of .blend1 through .blend32 without having anything have the same extension.

normally it does it so fast that you wouldn’t notice, but it is a result of having a file opened that is being appended to another file and trying to save it…