.blend -> .mdl (HL2/Source engine) converter/exporter?

Would be great fun to have one, and if it doens’t already exist, is anyone here planning on making one?

I believe the Source SDK is able to import XSI, 3DS Max, and Maya file formats. I’m pretty sure there are some scripts out there to convert .blends to some of these. Not sure if the scripts also export the Armature data though…

the current iteration of the souce SDK is ONLY the model viewer [valve preprietary format] and hammer [level editor]

with softimage xsi|exp you can apparenlty download the half life 2 export tools

as far as I have seen, the half life 2 format [the one xsi would export to, tools should exist though I haven’t seen them other than in videos] which convert to the format the model viewer deals with.

actually, I’d have to dig up that flowchart on how things were exported again to see how things work

so, lemme see if I’ve got this:
xsi exp -> smd file -> some valve program -> .mdl and other files

I remember the flowchart and video too. There was also an eye editor that you use to build the eye shader. That went with the smd file to the valve program I remember.

so you’re saying I need to acquire Softimage|XSI to get the exporter atm? Dang, hope the full SDK comes with converters/importers.

you can get a free version of softimage with the exporter

it is a couple hundred meg, and you have to register with softimage

I haven’t been able to follow their instructions to get the exporter working though, you are supposed to go file->export->smd file, export a file [doesn’t matter what], and it should prompt for a key there

however, I am unable to access the export function at all

your milage may vary

[my install is from last year [iirc], … I haven’t put enough effort in to finding the problem]

[also, it is difficult if possible at all to use softimage xsi|exp with the default window config on resolutions lower than 1280x1024, and even at that resolution you probably will want to move/autohide your taskbar]

I run at 1600x1200, so no problem there. Methinks that only the recent version came with the exporter built in. Thanks for the help! Off to play HL:S :smiley: