.Blend to .Obj to .3Ds

I would like to know if someone has had the same problems as me, I recently finished a model I’m going to sell (using blender 2.59) and I want to be able to sell it in various formats not only the .blend so I tried exporting the model to .obj and .3ds, when I reimport them in blender everythings alright, but when I import the files in 3ds max 2009 I get strange behaviours (pictures attached) with the .obj, it creates faces that don’t exist in blender and some objects are missing and it won’t even open the .3ds it says invalid format, anyones knows how can I solve this, maybe apply modifiers remove groups, parents, anything like that? (I tried that but didn’t work) It would be very kind of you :slight_smile:

Blender model:

Exported obj in 3ds max:

Exported obj in blender:

P.S: If you need any info about the model I can give it to you but not the .blend itself as I’m going to sell it :stuck_out_tongue: (I’m aware it’s difficult to help without it :S)

A simple solution might be to export from Blender as .fbx, then convert it in Max to the other formats in it helps.

Might also be worth doing a CTRL+A before export and choose a unit scale for import.

EDIT - Might not be relevant, but which version of Max?

Yeah I tried CTR+A and applied scale & rotation, cleared parents and groups but it’s still the same .3ds won’t even work and .obj still shows strange faces as shown above :frowning:
I had also tried exporting to .fbx and when importing it doesn’t even import the shoppin cart just a “corrupted” mesh of the studio and the planes around… :S
And it’s 3ds max 2009. Thanks again!

I’m wondering if it is the Max import then, as I usually have no trouble going from Blender to Max with .fbx. I haven’t exported anything with 2.59 though.

Can you upload or pm me part of the shopping cart to try with Max 2012?
You should probably include the exported .3ds and/or .obj too.

Yeah I’ll pm it to you, you know it’s not a very complicated model but took a few hours to set up everything, thanks for your support :wink:

I sold a model on Turbosquid, exported as LWO, OBJ and .3ds, and got a complaint when a customer tried to import it into 3ds max. I think it’s a max issue. I don’t get complaints from other formats. So, how can a .3ds file open fine in 3dstudio, but not open in 3dstudio max. In fact, I’ve never understood the difference between the two.

Do you mean 3ds max design? Well anyway thanks for your advice on the file formats :slight_smile: I didn’t want to get complaints so that’s why I’m trying to get this solved but if there’s nothing I can do I’ll just offer many file formats and say it was done in blender and it works better there, I’m selling it on 3DOcean but I have an account on TurboSquid also ^^, just didn’t sell anything yet xd

Do you mean 3ds max design?

No idea. All I ever hear is 3ds max or just 3ds. Are they both made by autodesk? Is it like Photoshop and Photoshop Ultra (I made that up)?

I don’t know, never heard of 3ds alone itself, wikipedia took me out of doubts:
“Autodesk 3ds Max, formerly 3D Studio MAX” That’s the only difference there is I think, then there is a design version, 3ds max design, THAT is like Photoshop and Photoshop Ultra, just addresses different markets I think :slight_smile:

So what is the native environment of a .3ds file? Not 3ds max, that’s for sure.

As far as I am concerned .3ds is just an export/import file format it doesn’t save much data a part from materials, mesh and modifiers; meanwhile .max just saves everything so you can reedit your project in the future that’s why you “import” .3ds files and “open” .max scene files… Anyway I don’t know much about 3ds max I’ve always used blender I just got that info from the net… :slight_smile:
P.S: Sent organic the model so I’m waiting for his response :stuck_out_tongue:

I think 3D Studio Max used to called 3D Studio. I don’t think 3D Studio Max was a ‘better’ version of 3D Studio, I think they just added Max to the name at some point. So I’m guessing .3ds is just an older file format(pre 1996) that was superseded by the .max format.

Disclaimer - I could have just made that all up :smiley:

What were the 3dsmax import settings for the obj ?
Was it set to retriangulate the mesh on import ?
Did you use the blender import preset ?

Back in the 90’s when I used 3D Studio for DOS, the native file format was indeed .3DS.

3DS files are useful to maintain a stable import/export format for models, as .MAX files are often not forwards compatible with newer 3D Studio Max versions. So a 3DS file should in theory be importable into all versions of 3D Studio Max.

When using a .3DS file you need to also make sure none of your objects exceed 64000 faces. You can however create multiple objects or groups exceeding that amount as long as no individual mesh does.

I didn’t enable any triangulate options since as far as I’m concerned it’s not a good option… I didn’t use any preset or anything because it says missing path on my import/export presets but triangulate for .obj was also disabled :stuck_out_tongue:

none of your objects exceed 64000 faces
Maybe that IS a problem… I’ll have to check :S

For model conversions Accutrans may also be of help. It has saved me many times. http://www.micromouse.ca/ And it allows you to save to *.ma (maya) format as well, potentially increasing your customer base.

@ Herbert123: interesting find, but it doesn’t seem to support .blends or does it ?

If you still haven’t found an alternative.
Here’s a converter I’ve found out though I haven’t tried it out.
Though it says “Blender’s Videoscape 3D dialect”
Try it and let us know.

Though this topic is fairly old already, for future reference:

To get correct model on blender .obj to 3dMax, in 3d Max import panel tick the “Import as single Mesh” option and the the object gets imported fine