Blend4Web freelancer required for some materials / textures setup

Hi all,

I’m looking for somebody who can achieve a decent level of realism in Blend4Web for me.

There will be up to 20 products like the ones shown (initially just 3) which will need some quite simple work on the lighting and the material node editor. I’m used to C4D and Redshift node editor but I can’t get my head around Blender so I think it’s best to find somebody who knows their way around it.

Initial availability will be required next week and the week after. If my client is happy with the realism, there will be 20 products.

Please get in touch if you know your way around Blend4Web, and I’ll send some more info.

Budgets are quite small at this stage (£100 per product) but I can send you my work which is half way there. In future, I’ll be working them up first in redshift so I can provide some bump maps etc.



hello!i work with blend4web,i am sending you a PM with samples of my works with real time shaders ready for the web. fee free to contact me at any time :slight_smile:

Hi there we can talk if your still searching. Im a Senior Artist from the UK now based in Montreal. just add com to my username.
Im well versed in blender, Quixel,3DCoat. I havent messed with Blend4Web much but I dont think it would take me long to export to it. We could run some tests on 1 product and take it from there.


Sent you a PM