blend4web room design

I need someone today to help me. I have some blender room and furniture designs and want to use them in html, to change some furnitures and textures online, and get some problems when export to json, so need someone to help me with screensharing for all project no matter how long it takes or cost, tell me your price per hour and expertise.


not too clear on what the purpose of the project is but if it involves modeling then I’m up for it.
Hourly rate: $15-25 depending on what the project involves.

My portfolio is currently a mess, I’ve been meaning to add more projects to it but haven’t gotten around to it, anyway here it is
I’d love more info on the project as your description is rather brief, fastest way to reach me would be through PM’s right here on blenderartists, my contact email is in my portfolio but I don’t check it on a daily basis so that will have a rather significant time lag.