Blend4web vs. Verge3D ...?


As I understand, the developers of Blend4web split to do another project, Verge3D. I’m wondering if anyone knows if Blend4web is still being developed/supported?

And if so, which of the two platforms would better suit a first person archviz walkthrough? Or simple interaction with an object, say, for a product demo.

I’d like to use a browser-based engine, which is why I’m looking at these two specifically. But if there are other options, I’m all ears!


**Edit - according to Blend4web’s blog, it looks like it’s still active.


Hi Pottsie,

I’m one the guys who left B4W to continue working on Verge so my opinion might be a bit biased :wink: I’d say that now the development of Verge3D is way more fast and furious! As such, we already have much more features. This is especially true for non-coders since we’ve developed a really powerful scripting environment called Puzzles and resolved issues with integration of 3D content with conventional websites (this was a real hurdle of our past product). And of course we already support Blender 2.80.

On the other way, Blend4Web development has stalled. As I heard, right now they’re rethinking their strategy and started to develop a completely new environment that they call Blend4Web Studio. If I understand correctly, they have quite ambitious plans to make something like Unity. I honestly don’t know when they’re going to release this product, but I believe it will take some time to develop it )

I hope this post will help you clarify what’s going on with these two projects.

P.S.: If you decide to go the Verge way, here is the nice beginner-level series of tutorials.


@AlexKowel Thanks for the information! My inclination was to go with Verge3D anyway :slight_smile:

And thanks for the tutorial link. Are there plans to have more scripting/puzzle tutorials? Personally, that’s something that I think would help tremendously.

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Sure, we just started with the videos, so it will be more soon. For now you can check the following topics in the User Manual to learn Puzzles:

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@AlexKowel Hi there. I meant to ask, is there currently a solution for a “first person” interactive experience? I speak mainly of archviz scenarios, and just for simple walking and looking/panning.

Thanks for all your wonderful work so far!

Hi! We’re actively working on this feature so it will be available in Verge3D very soon.

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What is the best way to try out verge3d for a team that wants to demonstrate the value. I am part of a design team that is intrigued with this kind of solution, but there is no way we would open source our proprietary designs.
Is there a way for a commercial design team to demonstrate the value of this kind of 3d presentation of our future concept models? Do you have a demo version that could be used for a limited time on proprietary projects?

Sure! You can try the Trial version, it comes with a full set of features and has no time limitations.