Blended woman

(JD-multi) #1

pffff hours and hours 3D drawing in blender 2.23 and publisher, 2 mb of 3d files and 4 mb of renders and much more tests and files because when I made a fault I could open an another blender file (sort of backup) but I made it (yes yes :smiley: ) she’s almost perfect only join the meshes and it’s finished and then drawing the clothes. I made some renders and edit them in Photoshop but the pictures are real 3D. I made some wallpapers of it. 1= this is wallpaper of the woman body, but I’m not 100% happy about the hands. 2= this is the face of the woman. I share this wallpapers just for fun. sorry for my bad english because i’m dutch and I have to learn my english better that’s why I join the english blender forums. oooh almost forgotten for watching wallpaper1 you have to be 18 :wink:

Greetz Dizztroy (artistname) real name: Nathan (DUTCH)

(dreamsgate) #2

image 1 isn’t too graphic, younger viewers could look at it without being corrupted. (I wouldn’t be horrified if my kids saw it)

both images are amazing and your english ain’t bad either.

keep blending :stuck_out_tongue:

(paradox) #3

Very nice. Would like to see more of your work. Nice stylistic approach.
Nice colors.

(Jolly Gnome) #4

Cheeeeesy :smiley:
But it’s nice :slight_smile:

(basse) #5

the first one is definetely better. I wouldn’t use it as a wallpaper though… if the character would be more on the right side, then perhaps there would be “room” for icons and stuff… now it’s just too middle.

the second one works a bit better as a wallpaper, but I would’ve placed the character to right side of screen (I dont know why I want my wallpapers like that) and the blue color of clouds is a bit too rich and deep… doesnt quite match on the blue tone the head has.

but really, nice work! dont mind me… I’m one of those that never use blue-colored-desktops :slight_smile:


(Detritus) #6

Very nice! Though you should have written about the age-limit at the top of the page, I clicked the first link befor I read it and I´m only fifteen :wink: . One question though: are the halves of your model joined or are they still seperat?
They look seperat to me, especiallt at the second, close-up picture. Keep up the nice work!

(JD-multi) #7

I made 1 half of the woman body without a head, than I deleted the faces in the middel of the body where I seperate the another half. Then I made the head and seperate the half of the head to the half body, and also added the hand. Then I selected the mesh and use shift - D, then enter and s and x and enter again to mirror the body. To join them I selected the 2 meshes and pressed crtl - j, I made some space in the middle of body and then I began to select vertexes to fill them up, at the end I bring the meshes togetter with g. So that’s how I seperate them. :slight_smile: Thanks for all the comments but I’m still searching for a good hand modeling tutorial because I found it a hard part, I’m not happy about the hand at wallpaper1 because it looks to unrealistic. :frowning:

(JD-multi) #8

Mmm I saw some 3D models of humans in this forum and I think this dudes are ready to see this It’s for 3D max and frensch but if you take a look at the pictures you will know how to model this in blender and it helps you to model things which are difficulty to you. Have fun and I like to see the results :wink: