my first serious project in the new release of blender
After many long hours of work the blender finally came to life :smiley:

C&C wanted (like always) :smiley:

Wow, I haven’t posted a critique in a while!

First of all – just a minor thing, but it will really make use of the new tools in 2.35. Would it be possible for you to re-render with dithering enabled? (down in the lower left in the renderbuttons) While this will create a much larger JPEG, the banding is quite apparent in this image.

I really like how the water is pouring in ``chunks’’ out of the blender – if you freeze water, this is what actually happens. Maybe in real life the chunks are smaller (bigger than droplets, but smaller than what you have), I like what yours is doing.

Shadows are a bit harsh; I’ve never liked true raytraced shadows. They look artificial. The reflection quality looks good, though, as is the glow coming from the LEDs.

Composition looks all right, but the background is very bland. Even in a painting like Dalí’s Evocation of the Apparition of Lenin ( ), the seemingly monochromic background varies in color and shade quite a bit. What would happen if you spiced that up a bit? Right now my eye gets drawn to the specular highlight on the edge of the table, not the blender. I am sure that a background change and a toning down of that highlight would improve this piece immensely.

Blend on!