Blender 1.8 when was this released?

I was looking at my father’s hard drive, and I noticed I had blender and a lot of old projects on it. I also noticed that the version of blender I was using was 1.8.

When was this released?

2000 at the latest, I’m not really sure, but I want to find this out

from the wiki

“1.80 June 2000 End of C-key, Blender full freeware again”

I wonder what happened to all of the great blender tutorials that I learned from? I think they could still apply now. There were several rather detailed head tutorials that I think I could now complete. I know that version didn’t have ray tracing and radiosity was hard to set, involved messing with normal directions, creating a sky dome, and using a complex sub patch method. I didn’t like using it that way at all.

That sounds hard. I haven’t even used Radiosity in 2.37. I’ll learn eventually.

If version 1.80 makes it so difficult to work, how did people make anything with 1.0?

Any screenshot of the first blender?

It didn’t make it hard to work, it was hard to render than. And there is always people who can create great work. They were around as well. Scott Wilkinson was one of them, he’s over at Not sure if he is here.