Blender 2.32 Radiosity/Raytrace

I have pressed many new buttons… Made with Blender 2.32

I like it a lot! I love the colours :smiley:

I like it a lot! I love the colours :smiley:

I like that you went for sharp angles instead of smoth subsurfs. It looks good.

Kool dude i love how u made the blender sign sharp too.

Love how the think look like gems.

Great work!

Sorry for my english :smiley:

Hey man! I have the © for that stuff ! :slight_smile:
Nice work. Very surreal.

Wow! Very nicely crafted supremely vivid picture.

PS: we should be sorry for everybody’s English :wink:

Well, zhats the first time that I write in an english forum :expressionless:

Thanks for comments. :smiley:

Yes Grisha it should looks like gems. The RayTrnsp function suitable for gems :slight_smile:

I really like it ;p

Great render!!

Nobody here cares if your English isn’t vey good, unless it’s your first language. If it’s a second (or third) language and you can be understood, it’s fine.


I like the image, if you keep looking at that blender logo, you will see much things that you didnt, like an indian, or a lion, or a … :-?