Blender 2.36 on Mac OSX.2 - can't render any layer but one!

Hi, I’ve been using Blender now for eight or nine months, and am having a blast! I’ve been using 2.35, but I just downloaded 2.36 a couple of days ago, and suddenly I can’t render correctly! All of my settings are the same as before, but suddenly when I hit render, Blender is ignoring anything not on layer 1 (that’s what I call the upper left layer box). In my meshes, I always put the camera and main lights on layer 10 (upper right) and separate the various parts of the mesh on layers 1 through 9 with the associated lights on layers 11 through 19. It helps me keep track of where everything is, and make changes more easily. But suddenly, I can’t render anything that’s on any of the other layers, including my main lights! So even with all the layers selected, Blender is rendering only layer one, in darkness.

Any ideas about what’s going on?

Oh - if you want to see some of my work, I post it up at, same username.

Is the “lock” next to the layers selector turned on?

Nope, it wasn’t. I don’t think I’ve ever touched that button :slight_smile:

With it clicked on, I can then select additional layers to add to my scene. Excellent. Thanks!