blender 2.36 release!?!?!

dose this mean that all the new features will have to wait untill next version?

Yeah. 2.36 will be released in just a few weeks though, I think.

a few weeks?

“Target for 2.36 is next week tuesday, december 7”

whoa, that’s in a week and a day

a few weeks?

“Target for 2.36 is next week tuesday, december 7”

whoa, that’s in a week and a day[/quote]
Yes. 2.36 wil not have any “New” feature.
But here is the plan for 2.37 (aka 2.36 before)

This is gonna be good [!]


it’ll be like Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza come early!

(i hope i didn’t offend anyone with the above statement)


This has got to be some of the best Blender news so far. Again, Wow!

I hope people aren’t misunderstanding

but 2.36 is mainly a bugfix release it seems, there are a bunch of bugs now with 2.35

please go find and report them [the bugs], help the developers make 2.36 perfect [also, finding bugs now will help other users later]

also, 2.37 [to come out in a usual-length release cycle it seems] will introduce new features, primarily regarding animation [bout time]

does that means a new splash contest or would they select from the huge amount of splashes made for 235, or maybe 236 will have the same splash? what am i tlking about… that’s not important… SOFT BODDIEDS! whoooooo hooooo!

2.36 splash will be choosen among the 2.35 submissions ones. there was so many good ones

I totally agree with them. First kill all those bugs that are left, then save a fresh clean blender version and then further coding on new features, that would be awesome. I hope we can say then ‘Blender is now bug free’. :smiley:

I thnk it’s great that softbodies are coming, but what about rigid body dynamics?
I’ve been waiting for those for a while.
It’s seems like they should be easier to implement than soft.


it’s about time.

we really need to get rid of those bugs!

I think that that may be one of the things that is needed for more use, so that the program operates just like it should all the time.

wow, a week till the next release?? 2.35 just came out.

it would be awsome if 2.27 came out on new years :slight_smile: 2005 BABY!

damn mistake :wink:

:smiley: Makes me laugh how many people mistakenly type 2.2x instead of 2.3x. Happens all the time.

actually, 2.36 will have new features, albeit smaller ones than those in major releases:


  • Fixed selection of Objects in Solid draw mode. Selection was just always not what you wanted, the rules for wireframe (cycling) can’t be used then.

New rule is;

  • it always selects the frontmost visible item (wires too), unless:

  • frontmost is active/selected already, then it picks the 2nd

  • mouse didnt move 2 pixels while selecting, then it starts cycling

  • Mesh EditMode: Removed co-planar restriction for creating FGons. These now can span an entire tube.

  • AO render; “Use sky” or “Use tex” now also take option “Use distances” into account, so you can control shades of AO better.

  • Render: static animated particle systems now allow to be animated with Material and Texture ipos. Only shows in render.

  • Render: Material option “Ztransp” now can be reflected in raytraced mirror.

  • Render: Unified Render now supports Gaussian filter sampling

  • Global undo: using number buttons gives better Undo push names (check ALT+U menu)

  • Game engine: Objects without texture faces now render in their assigned Material colors, and with lighted faces. This shows with ALT+Z textured view mode too.

  • Added more cases to update “Shaded View” on changes with buttons or tools.

  • Lasso Select now works in UV FaceSelect and Edit Mode Curve, Surface, Lattice. Missing still: MBall and Armature Edit Mode.

but hey, it still looks good, especially the non-co-planar f-gons that are new

and who couldnt use a bug-fix version?


It’s true, I tried to make water flow once, and it was bad.

(As in particles colliding with a bathtub using physics. They fell of the corners)

Does this mean physics for animation finally?