Blender 2.37a optimized for Intel/AMD

this build works for AMD CPU’s too !!!

i compiled the blender 2.37a source with the special intel compiler and tested the speed improvements.

my system is a 1700 P4 mobile with 512 MB DDR FSB 100 RAM.

i rendered this image

with the common binary for windows this task took 223 sec
after recomilation with all the intel opimizing stuff it only took 107 sec.

here’s the binary

pretty cool image, with some better lighting, it could be really good!

Thanks for the info, and that’s a beauty of a render!

plz forget the image and test the blender binary :smiley:

Could you also build a SSE(1) version for us poor Pentium3 users? 8)

Please? :slight_smile:
(I’d very happily test that one)

Got a weird result when rendering a radiosity project I’m fuddling with. I double checked all the settings but the renders are different using the new .exe you gave. Also the file size of the image was bigger with your .exe for some reason:


And yours:

Note how the light on the ceiling from the lamp is more diffused and the bed textures go blank.

Edit: Looking at both now, I like the way it handles the light in the second pic better, notice the contrast of the shadows especially on the dresser. If I can get the bed to work and mess with the lampshade I’ll be golden.

WOW that is unbelivably fast compared to my older version.

i havn’t noticed any rendering issues like the last guy has but i will look out for any.

thanks for that bro.


i have noticeda few issues that lead me to question the stability of this compile.

A) the blender interface has slight display discrepincys in rendering.

B) blender is less responsive in normal use in some circumstances

the good points

A) in rendering the ESC key is 100% responsive rather than slow

B) render times are cut by more than 100% for me

C) i have not seen any rendering issues yet

i am a bit worried that it may corrupt my .blend files because my camera was in a different location when i opened a file. but i will continue using it i think.


thats why i needed some feedback ^^
those who experienced errros could u plz provide a “simple” blend file, were the error occurs so that i can test the new compiled versions for errors?

the first thing i’ll try is compile it without radiosity.module optimization.

but i think i really need example files … otherwise i cannot test all the stuff.

I tested with a P4 mobile 1.8 , ram 512DDR
test file:
environ map OFF

render time
Blender 2.30… 01’:05":04
Blender-Intel… 00’:54":39

The render pipeline was optimised in the current CVS version, so the render time decrease might well be caused by that.


theeth do you happen to have a version of blender compiled, perhaps ztonzy has done it recently.

i owuld like to see because i am getting a 100% increase in rendering times which wehn dropping from 10 mins to 5 mis per frame is substntial


i tested this on my system two. but i got different values:
normal/intel = 2’:24’’:42/1’:20’’:49

normal/intel = 4’:18’’:28/2’:19’’:11

i wonder why u only got 10% speed increase. could it be that it was <02’:05’’:04> instead of <01’:05’’:04> with your machine trepido?

i also recognized no problems with the picture. both looked the same.


nobody said blender is slow :slight_smile:
but getting an improvment for 0 bucks is better :smiley:

and ai am glad to hear that there was no difference between those two renders with radiosity piiuuuhh

i havn’t yet seen any rendering issues on my machine. i havn’t compared two renders directly either but so far so good.

but yeah it is very very fast which in my books is the best improvement i could have had :wink:


I have done some renders with the same file (New Beetle env map OFF)
(medium value on 5 render)

Blender 2.30(30/10/2003)…85 sec
Blender 2.30 (11/11/2003)…61 sec
Blender-Intel…51 sec

K, playing with that blend whose renders I gave above, here are screens of both builds and the radiosity calculations they got. Will both builds have the same settings if I use the same blend? I assumed so, but you never know. Here I just did the radiosity and made no changes to either:

2.3 original:

And Blender Intel:

My results with a Pentium 4 - 2.0Ghz - 256MB:

Blender 2.30 - 1m30s
Blender Intel - 48s

Thank you very much for this compilation!!!

What compiler did you use for those builds?