Blender 2.4 alpha 2 splash screen

This splash scene is awesome! It looks like its a take on the typewriter from Naked Lunch! Talk about and awesome obscure reference!

yup! It would have to be my favourite splash ever. Too bad it’s only an alpha pre-release :slight_smile:

That typewriter from Naked Lunch is not to f**k with,
make sure it doesn’t talk to you.

I think it should be in the final release. It would make blender that much greater! Unless they get a picture of Robocop or Reanimator in there. :wink:

I actually spent quite some time staring at it. Is from the Orange movie, righ?

I agree, should be the final, specially after the very “coorporative standard” one we had on 2.37 (I voted for that one, but IT IS very standard issue).