Blender 2.4 Alpha " A bad haircut"

I’ve been playing around with the hair particles with not too much success with the guides. Has anyone had any luck with them?

Here’s what I,ve come up with so far. Without any guides.


Reminds me of Poser 5, which for the record I never put in the time to get the hang of. But maybe reading their manual would be a good place to look for insight on how to use the hair guides.

Thanks, I see if i can find it and read through it.

I’ve kinda had luck with it.

  1. Make a path(that’s under Add->Curve).

  2. Arrange it were you want the hair to go.

  3. Select the path, then go to physics tab, under fields and deflection, press guide, put strength up to 10 (experiment later to see what settings best), then put fallout to 2 (it says it’s most realistic), and put speed to 1(as before, for temperary use).

  4. Select the path, and then the head or whatever is the emitting mesh of the particles, then parent it(Ctrl-P).

5.Then recalculate the particles.

The particles will probibly be really long, adjust the speed and strength accordingly. Or you might try to lower the life span of the particles.

Does that help?

Don’t you want to select the path second because that needs to be the parent?

Nope, I tried it before I posted it.

It seems to work the same without parenting, and still very hard to control.

I have been trying to learn how to use the guides to. I set up the guide with out parenting. I set up the particals so I have 10 then I start changing setings. each seting seems to related to some other seting. I found that the keys # has to be right on for the guides to work right. as for what is right on it seems to depend on what everything else is set to. by keeping the number of particales realy low when you are testing the recalc is almost instant.
I will try to link my test blend if any wants to play with it.
I hope you dont mind me posting images of some of my tests in your thread. let me know if you want them gone


I welcome your posts , thanx! In fact I’d like to make this threard a “show your hair thread”. If enough people show thier settings and guides, it would go a long way to helping everyone out.

Your model looks very good.I wasn’t able to load the blend file, the speed connections was extremely low. 6kb/sec.

One thing I just discovered (under the heading of “I’m an idiot”) is that I had the guides reversed.

The solid circle is the beginning, the dashed cirlce marks the end. duh

An observation: Make sure the guide(s) and particle emiiter (hair) are in the same layer.

No need to parent the curve or mesh.

The original by Andy is on this post, second picture from the bottom.

also his Orange post

Falgor’s hair particle tuitorial, This shoould be the first thing read

His thread -

You might also wanna check out COG’s website as he has writen some stuff about hair with the CVS builds. Look under October 2005.