Blender 2.4 Mac version

Installed the above version on mac.Import 3ds falied! Error Python script error:check console? anyone one encounter this? How to overcome it
Thks %|
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So did you check your console? What’d it say?

Care to show me where and how to chk the console? i newbie thks

Run It’s in your Applications/Utilities folder. Then run blender and check to see what the error message was.

On got the console read as follow
Using Python version 2.3
dyld: image not found
dyld: image not found
dyld: image not found
dyld: image not found
dyld: image not found
dyld: image not found
Unable to load: libtiff.
Try setting the BF_TIFF_LIB environment variable if you want this support.
Example: setenv BF_TIFF_LIB /usr/lib/

Importing “/Volumes/NO NAME/PLAN5_PLAN_04_01.3ds”
Non-Fatal Error: Version greater than 3, may not load correctly: 50331648
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<string>”, line 646, in my_callback
File “<string>”, line 634, in load_3ds
File “<string>”, line 605, in process_main_chunk
File “<string>”, line 175, in skip_to_end
struct.error: overflow in item count

But the same file i got it loaded on blender 2.4 pc without problem??


Well, first things first, can you post your mac and pc system settings? OS version, etc. Also, what version of Python are you running on your PC?

Secondly, can you post that 3DS file? I’d like to try loading it on my mac but I don’t have any 3DS files lying around these days.

If you’re patient with me I’ll try to help you work this out. ^-^/ The python support on the mac is, I’ve discovered, a little different from the linux version even though it has basically the same underlying unix-y stuff going on.

Incidentally, do you have a .blender folder in your home directory?

I’m having the exact same problem with the exact same error message.

I’m running Blender 2.4 (the Mac version is compiled for OSX 10.39 and Python 2.3) on a G5 iMac running MacOSX 10.4 with Python 2.35. (I’ve done all of the setting of the Pythonpath as recommended in the PythonPath 101 topic here and Python works for some scripts like kloputils, but the importers don’t seem to work at all - nor the exporters.)

I’m just trying to open a test 3ds file composed of a cone, a sphere and a cube, just to see if I can get it to work at all. I’d attach the file, but it doesn’t seem that I have attach permissions here yet.

Hope you can lend some insight.

– Anthony

Hi again,

Please mail me the 3DS file to kattkieru at google’s gmail, one that doens’t load for you. I really can’t look into it until you do.

Hi Kattkieru,
Sorry was away for the past days.Thks for your kind attention.
i already email the file as per yr request.Hope to hear from you
Once again thks :wink:


I replied to you by mail already, but let me just say again that it seems your file is not a version the importer can understand. Apparently the importer can only load v3 3DS files, and yours is a v4 or higher.

The best thing would be to use Wings to act as a middleman, loading the 3DS file into Wings and exporting something blender can read like the Nendo format.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

Can you email the file to Bob Holcomb ? He is the 3ds import and export author. Or email it to me (LetterRip At gmail dottt com ) and i can forward it to him.


Thks LetterRip,
Just email a smaller 3ds file to you.