Blender 2.40 alpha GE bugs

:-? Sorry for posting it here, but I don’t know if they have a CVS bug tracker for 4.0. Lol some may not be bugs (probably just not implemented yet).

  1. Umm, ray sensor doesn’t work in 4.0alpha. ie: it won’t detect any object that’s in range.
  2. Bullet Problems: Force doesn’t work. You cannot apply local motion (only has global).
  3. ODE, is it just for looks? When selected nothing happens (no physics at all).

I guess you guys can go ahead and post other bugs here too. Unless there’s a bug tracker for 4.0. Please direct me to it :smiley: .

Jason Lin

Regarding Erwin’s Bullet - it’s not finished, I think the current version is 0.2. He might not have implemented force yet?

There are problems with the sensors (maybe bugs introduced when Erwin wasn’t working on the engine). He said he’ll investigate when he gets some spare time.

I’m glad that this unfinished version of Bullet is going to be included in 2.40. It’s gets more people interested in and bug testing the the new physics engine.

Besides you can still use Sumo :wink:

I not happy :frowning:
I think Blender is dead (in progress). [!] :x :frowning:
(very big bugs in game engine).
Go go go! I to work in pascal 7.0-this no bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

It also seems that the armatures dont work in the game engine. My character instantly reverts to his rest pose when I start the game. I’m guessing it hasnt been implimented yet. Is this the case? Armatures work in earlier versions of blender but not this one.
Edit: I realized this must be due to the rewrite of the armatures system in this version and probably not been implimented yet.


a bit out of place, but… are ragdolls a possibility with bullet physics later on?

Besides you can still use Sumo

:smiley: But bullet is so much better! I was encouraged to test out the GE. Lol so what better to test the physics by making a jenga game (Sumo unfortunately is not good for this). %| Hehe, but I’m stuck cause ray sensor doesn’t work (without it things will have to get really sloppy).

:wink: GE progress full speed ahead.

Jason Lin

  • Raysensor probably is broken due to physics work-in-progress

  • Integration of Bullet is work in progress, force/torque is not hooked up yet. This fix is easy, I just didn’t have the time yet. If anyone fixes it, and sends me a patch I will check it into cvs.

  • ignore ODE button, I will hide it

-armatures have been broken due to changes in Blender

Please report suggestions/bugs in this forum, it will more likely to be addressed:

Erwin Coumans

what do you mean with 4.0 , is that a blender release ? of course it is not

read att

Blender News
Blender 2.40 alpha-2 testbuild
November 3, 2005 In: Blender News
With another two weeks of bug fixing and adding new features, we’ve made available another alpha tes…

i havent looked att the relese …

read att[/quote]

That’s 2.40 not 4.0. 2.40 is still an alpha test so don’t expect everything to work yet.

Blender 2.40 still uses Sumo. It’s the Solid collision library that’s been replaced with Bullet not the entire game engine.

Keith. 8)

Heh, well guys I moved it over to the forum Erwin suggested.

Lol, I found 2 more bugs, while trying to make a simple jenga game. Grr, I’m stuck now trying to do this in 2.4. Don’t think I can come up with any more workarounds (maybe I’ll think of more). But definitely need that setPosition(). Well I had fun playing around and finding some bugs.

Jason Lin

I think a good suggestion would be making a couple of blender files which use some functions like logic, python and such and use them to test each time to find bugs. I thought NaN did it that way. So afther testing those blends, we could make some more sophisticated tests and track down those bugs :slight_smile:

I have played a lot with the another versions. When I have time I will try to make some nice physics tests. :smiley: