Blender 2.40 is out???

I’ve got new blender.
Realy cool features!
But where is Particle python module and where is acces to modifiers stack?
Haw can I turn of subsurf from my Blender->RenderMan script now?

ha… dunno if they updated the API doc yet… you can use this one from cambo… I think it’s 2.4 compliant.

I’ve generate api doc by docprint script. Nothing about particles and modifiers.

Epydocs are generally more comprehensive then the dockstrings. the link above is from my site and I update the docs from the cvs at least weekly.

Yep, the 2.40 doc has been updated, it’s at

By the way, you can find this in Blender’s help menu under Python Scripting Reference :slight_smile:

maybe I’m just being daft, but I can’t find a way to access the modifier stack, and the old NMesh Modes method definately doesn’t work.