Blender 2.40 - No Explode modifier.

Just before 2.40 was released, some builds came out with a very nifty modifier called “Explode” that, in conjunction with particles could shatter a mesh into pieces very simply and eaisly.

I understand it did not bend back quite far enough to make it under the “2.4 CVS Lock out” limbo pole, but I was wondering if there are firm plans to include it in the next release.

Damn - Look at me. Just been handed this fantastic release and I’m already asking for more. I sound just like my kids on Boxing Day!

2.40 is Brilliant!!! - Thanks to all involved.

I think that build was only for linux.
I don’t know why it never made it to a windows build.
You can do simulations with the physics baking trick.

There was a windows build with the explode modifier. I was playing around with it some when that build was released.

I am also sad it didn’t make it in under the wire, but I still have the build. If bad comes to worse, I can just render out what ever I need to explode with that build. Something to consider until it is included in a future release.

Something I was disappointed to see was the talk of including the z-blur filter in an official release (back for 2.37 if I recall correctly) and it was dropped. No real big issue, I’ve been using the Instictive Blender build that has it integrated. But as the newer builds progress further and further from that reference point, it will become harder to justify the use of it for a feature, when other features in the Official releases are not present in the “OTBP” (Off The Beaten Path) builds.

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I did get that release build. If you seach on the forums in the developement build section I think you will be able to find it. I do not have the original zip but if you are desperate I can zip up the whole directory and that may work for you. BTW there was a windows build of that.

Hi try this thred

Thanks for all the replies. I might post something in the Developer’s Wiki.