Blender 2.41 a thank-you

From the bottom of my heart thank-you Erwin and all of those who contributed to this release. I downloaded it about 15 minutes ago and I still can’t believe how good it is. All my projects run so much better, and the demos… marvelous.

Thanks again to all on the development team, documentation, script writers all of you but particularly Erwin and Snailrose and Dreamtanka and Ketser (for keeping the GE alive).

Ricky Dee

Yo! Totally agree! :smiley: Finally, the GE has arrived the new Millennium!

Now it’s on us to learn und use!

me kissing ( and licking) the feet of the mighty dev!!! :slight_smile:

Many, many thanks to all those involved in this new release. For what I do (and my current project) this was a -very- important and -much- anticipated release. Thanks!!!

Whoa! Such a freakin Cool release!!! New features and an increased framerate :o !!! I think ill have a heart attack!!! My game ran on 2.37 with a framerate of 350 FPS, but on this version it runs with 440 FPS !!! That is like :o :o :o !!!
I could kiss all the developers!!! Thank you ,thank you ,thank you!

PS: I got a feeling that this GE will soon become commersial quallity,because in every new version of blender the speed of the GE increases more and more alowing for more stuff to be used in games.And this version is a VERY big leap forward(the speed inproovement and the new features).

I love you Erwin

a big thank you flys to the programmers who have upgraded blender o

:o A new version already?! Wow, and it’s so cool as well! :smiley:

A huuge thank you to everyone involved in this release, you’ve all done a fantastic job!! :smiley:

From Daniel

Really good release. I hope to see even more GE developments!

Thank you very very much, all the developers! :smiley:
Excellent release!

o man wow ge is awesome very nice but i need ge developers for my new gameing studio i come up soon i need people like 20 how to get them to make a game o p.s. GE ROCKS :smiley:

Thanks for all your work. :smiley: