Blender 2.41 Wavefront .obj export and boolean objects

In attempting to export a boolean object as wavefront .obj, I ran into the following errors:
File “<string>”, line 615, in write_ui

line 615

                   File "&lt;string&gt;", line 318, in write
                   File "&lt;string&gt;", line 318, in &lt;lambda&gt;

line 318

if materials:
			materialNames = map(lambda mat:, materials) # Bug Blender, dosent account for null materials, still broken.	
			materialNames = []
		# Possible there null materials, will mess up indicies
		# but at least it will export, wait until Blender gets fixed.
		materialNames.extend((16-len(materialNames)) * [None])
             So this is a known bug with this script.
              Anybody know any workarounds?
              Anybody done a homegrown codefix they can share?
              or another export script that works?

              Funny thing is that script works on basic mesh objects without any material/vertice grouping or naming. Please help if you can.

             Thanx in advance, 

You have a material slot on your mesh that is None. should have supported it.
Jut in the meantime make sure you remove all null material slots on your mesh.

  • Cam

Updated in the CVS- please contact script authors before posting - or at least let the author know at the same time, Otherwise there are multiple versions of the same script hanging around and development fragments.

  • Or I dont see your post and the problem remains unsolved.

Download the fixed script from the CVS-

Thank you.
That code was included with a 1 day old release of Blender, and from the comments, it looked like a known bug. Therefore I did not contact the author(you) to report to him(you) what he( you) apparently ( I assumed) already knew.
In the future, I will do as you suggest, even if it seems to be redundant.

  What is a material slot?
  I named two vertice and two material groups, and the whole model, and added different color mats to each( this was a very simple test object). Where do I find info on Material <i>slots</i> within blender?

 Thanks again.

  edited after noticing the authorship info on that script.