Blender 2.42 toolbar bug

Hi guys!

I just install on my note HP Livestrong L2005 Fedora Core 5 and Blender 2.42 both x86_64. :smiley:

Well. it’s all perfect, until I click on toolbar. Blender exits fast! without messages. :eek:

Any menu (File, Render, Help, doesn’t matter what) it’s exits.

I post this in another forum of here.

And tell me to execute from terminal.

So, I execute from terminal,
it’s load blender with the default messages (checking python etc)

and when I click in any type of menu (normal menu, on top o f blender, on down, combobox, etc)

its exits
and no messages

I could see this not exactly a exit, it’s just disapear but the process it`s seems continue on background.
I have to type ctrl-z to stop and go back to the line command.

And I confirm that on KSysGuard from KDE that every time that I start Blender, that he “crash” on access any menu, It’s process continues load on memory.

Why this?
How I resolve this?

Thanks in advance