Blender 2.43?

I’ve been browing the forums, and I keep seeing 2.43. Is it out already? The only has 2.42a. Where can I get it?

It’s just the test build that will–in the future–be 2.43. Look around for cvs builds on graphicall or blenderbuilds, or try JMS’s very nice daily Zooblender builds.

So it official…it will be 2.43?



yes. what made you think it would be 2.45?

From the docs at blender .org it would appear that yes this release will be 2.43, due on 15th jan release date all going well… expect 2.43a soon after (normal bugfixer).
Then who knows? It is both possible 2.5.

2.5 will likely be after a major UI refactor, allowing coders the opportunity to change the interface much more.


The splash contest used a 2.43 template.