Blender 2.45 released

You know, not official…:eyebrowlift:
Same Place as always… :evilgrin:

Woohoo! Good find…downloading now.

You beat me! Usually I have the official release before it is announced at and definately before blendernation.

so do i dowload all of it? or does one clickable do it all for me?:rolleyes:
(edit)oh, wait. i got it. nevermind.

Why are zip’s bigger than exe’s? - I am not really a programmer.

YAY!!! I’ve been waiting for this! Can’t wait to see all the bugfixes!

Usually the zips pack additional files Blender needs to run.

A new release is nice like always, too bad it won’t have Broken’s and Wizard’s work being part of it.

There have been talks of a 2.46 release for the end of November on the bf-committers mailing list
Not much echo though but it would just make sense since the version 2.5 is nowhere near completion.


Hoooray! we get a new splash screen :smiley:

I am stuck with a laptop for this college year, but I’m downloading anyways.

As long as Wizard’s nice tiles texture is included in it I’ll be fine with that, trust me, it saves you from making many tile designs in a paint program and is powerful.

It has now been announced on

Downloading. Thanks for information.

It’s not, that’s just a link to the Blendernation news item.

I just got on the computer after doing a bunch of work and what a pleasant surprise
to see that 2.45 was released! :smiley: My thanks goes out to all the people who made another release happen.

Awesome!!! Getting this for all three types now! :slight_smile: Thank you dev team!!!

waitng for OSX PPC version…

2.46 will be cool ,if it’s realese at the end of the year with Broken’s improvements…

I’ll wait until the ‘official’ download is available…:wink:

The daily builds had the blender 2.45 splash image from the 4th of september :smiley:


I just installed my very first Linux, Ubuntu 7.04, to the HP Pavilion with AMD Turion 64 processor.

Which Blender 2.45 installation pack I should take?