Blender 2.46 splash on SVN Blender problem.

I’m trying to get my SVN Blender to use the new splash screen.

Now I’ve been using the svn update and scons command for months and I am sure my svn Blender ain’t broken, if it is, it wasn’t my fault ! :stuck_out_tongue: I never touched the C files ! :mad:

When I saw Blender 2.46 released, I went to update with svn update and compile with scons.

After the compilation, I don’t get the new splash, but instead my SVN Blender still uses the old Frank (brown rodent) splash instead of the new fat white bunny splash.

Anyone else have the same problem ?

You might need to do a SVN clean command.
Here is a Batch script I made you are welcome to cut and paste.

title Cleaning Blender 3D
cd C:\build\blender
scons clean BF_BUILDDIR=C:\install
cd …

There also may have been errors in the build and it aborted, and you are still just running the old version.

In the build folder you made a LIB folder for windows, you need to clean and up date that folder before you update blender folder.

Uh. … . . I’m using SVN Blender on Linux. . .

and I already did do a scons clean, svn update and scons to made sure.