Blender 2.47 Windows Silent install (not really silent)

We are trying to deploy Blender to a large number of Windows workstations and so we are trying the Windows installer package from with the silent install switch. ( blender-2.47-windows-law.exe )

It seem that it should work using the /S switch for silent install but when the install starts, a few seconds later there is an “OK” popup that says “The installer will now check your system for the required system dlls.” The installation won’t proceed until you click the “OK” button.

Does anyone know a way around this? Are we missing another switch maybe?

I’d ask on the forums but I can’t seem to get registered there. I have to clear my browser cache and cookies and then start a fresh browser to be able to see the Captcha but even after “successful” registration I never receive the activation e-mail so my account never gets activated. I’ve tried different OS/PC’s and browsers Windows IE/Firefox, Linux firefox.


Well, another option might be to download the .zip archive instead of the installer and just extract that on multiple machines. I don’t think you need to use the installer to run Blender.

For all the GraphicAll SVN and experimental versions, I just unzip and run Blender.exe from the resulting folder. I have multiple versions alongside each other in different folders and they all work.

Actually, I did use the installer for the latest release version, so perhaps that already checked and installed required dlls for the other standalone versions, but I’m not sure.

Anyway, it’s worth a test to download the .zip archive and see if it works on one of your machines.