Blender 2.48 RC - Bug or wrong function usage?

Hello everybody!

I tried one of my scripts with the new Blender 2.48 RC and also with a recent SVN build from Graphicall and got crashes. I’m on WinXP

EDIT: On Blender 2.48 RC1 the code below still works fine - but nevertheless i got occasional crashes in my script. So there may be something else here - but my impression is that it’s also related to properties. The code below gives the strage behaviour with the SVN build from Graphicall: SVN rev. 16945 (optimized build form Zebulon Oct-06-08)

After a few headaches i was finally able to track down the critical code - it’s obviously related to mesh properties.
Either i’m doing something wrong (read: the correct function usage has changed recently) or this is a bug:
Try this code with a default cube (mesh should be named “Cube”) in your scene:

from Blender import Mesh
print Mesh.Get()
Mesh.Get("Cube").properties["myproperty"] = 1
print Mesh.Get()

The first print statement indeed lists the mesh named “Cube”. Then i add a property to the mesh and print the names of all meshes again - and ooops - the mesh named “Cube” is gone. Instead there’s now a mesh named “p_level_group”. If you have the mesh button window open, Blender crashes immediately - otherwise it will crash as soon as you try to get the mesh related gui on screen.

Can somebody confirm - maybe also on other OS?



PS: Cannot check the bug tracker now since i’m at work and don’t know my password. So maybe this is already reported?

I get the crash too on 32bit linux. will look into it. thanks for reporting though Id prefer the tracker was used for these problems.

fixed, rev 16970 - the mesh name was being overwritten. messing up the mesh database.
Strange this bug was there since 8916.

Thanks Campbell,
as i said - i would have used the tracker (sooner or later). But before i do so, i usually like to have the bug confirmed by someone else since i’m limited to WinXP
Also … i’m allways thinking it’s my fault or due to wrong usage of a function. :o


even if its a silly mistake, Id prefer it reported on the tracker.
We get mail notifications when a new report is made whereas I could easily miss out a report made on the forum.

At worst its not a bug and we close it, no big deal.

then next time i’ll report directly on the tracker without further “research”.

Althouth the tracker says that we should confirm it’s really a bug and provide all necessary information to reproduce it. I wanted to make YOUR life a little easier by not bothering you before i have more information on what’s going on with a different OS.

But thanks again!
You Devs do a good job at fixing the things fast…