Blender 2.48

Don’t know if someones already posted this but you can try Blender 2.48 Rc1 now.


either I’m blind, or they have it very well hidden - I don’t see anything about downloading 2.48.

Rexono you get it here

Cool just released today, some nice new features.

oh, sure, now I see the announcement - I swear that wasn’t there the last time I looked :slight_smile:

I love new releases…

very big thanks for the developers!!!

Ditto, thanks bunches @devs.

The Windows had me for a moment – it looked like it’s installing 2.47, but it’s all good. A quick check found the grease pencil and GLSL features.

I have only one problem maybe some one can help me… when i press on the number pad to roam around (left, right,up and down) the grid doesnt become 3d like it use to … it bugs me if i dont have that … it only becomes 3d when i grab the scene with the mouse

Lord Merciless:

Ooh… that’s a bug I think that needs to be addressed.
I’ll look into it now. :slight_smile:


oOoOo really i had a feelin it was… dam i wanted to mess with the new features…guess ill go back to the last final build…

Fixed in svn-trunk. If there’s another release candidate, it should be there, otherwise the fix will be in 2.48 final.


found a bug also!---- (Grease Pencil)
2.48RC1 Windows Buid!
i canot acess the Bugtracker! i report it here …anyway!sorry
In the UV Image editor open a Image and use the new Grease Pencil tool and paint a lot( inside and outside the Image) after a while you see a Big Round Circle filled with the colour you paint!!!

here is a Blend that shows the Problem!!

My guess is that you painted a ‘dot’ (without seeing the file). I had some problems getting the fancy line-drawing to work right in the Image Editor as for some reason the scaling was different. However, I’ll look over this issue again now.


Oh wow, the new view port shader option will be great for render previews!

Aligorith.:D…thanks for looking into this!!.Yeah maybe i click and Draw a Dot but is to Big!?:eek:

Another Bug! (Windows 2.48 RC1):confused:
When you use Border Render and Crop activated in Blenders Render Buttons!
you see not correct rendering results in Viewer (backdrop in Compositor) and Viewer! (Black part ) :eek:
Render Windows looks OK! :smiley:

here is a blend file shows the Problem…or is this normal???:
open it and click render in the Node Compositors Render Layer!

Notice:you canot open (load) Textures and Sequencer Plug Ins in 2.48RC1 Windows Build!!?


I dont know if anybody else is seeing this, but with Intel integrated graphics 945GM I have a lot of transparancy problems with post 2.47 - I presume that something has changed in relation to the GLSL…

Thanks to ALL of the developers!! I appreciate all your hardwork and dedication. I remember when Blender was raising money to support their project and I wrote it off as mediocre. It must have been 2001 or so. I was introduced to it in an article in 3D World magazine when they were showcasing the Airmen Project. I have been watching it every since to see where its going. Man, Blender has made HUGE leaps and bounds since then. It is now to the point for me a standard in my workflow.
I can’t wait to see what they have for 2.5. You guys have set the bar.

Did they say early october, so is there a bug free version out soon?

Does anyone know what the Mask modifier does?

Yes soon. The ‘RC1…2…3’ suffix means release candidate and if it is free of bugs enough it will become the new 2.48.

My only gripe is with the cursed layer buttons. At one moment during Apricot development Ideasman42 had succeeded into making those poor little things to tell us if there was something on such and such layer, very clearly and, most useful, which layer was ‘active’, i.e. going to receive the next created object. All there’s left of that is some fly dropping that you have to squint to see and that tells only half of the story.